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Published on Diciembre 17th, 2013 | by Pablo Morano


Who is Pablo? – Biography

I remember well the dream that day; it was one of those that seemed absolutely real. Amid economic problems and administrative work that oppressed me, the consciousness that night guided me to a small antique shop full of people where an old man attended me and gave me a kind of baton while telling me: “What are you waiting for? It is time.” He said, while he showed me a vision of me guiding others in their spiritual journey.

Since that day my guide name”-Jakob- and the number 44 appeared to me everywhere, as always happens when I have to notice something around me, but I didn’t wanted to see, because even though the vision was clear, I did not know how to get down there and the known is easier to follow.

Until I took Pepper Lewis’ “How to channel class” in Sedona, Arizona and I realized how simple it was for me to be able to connect with the energy in that way.

So I started to write the channelings that my guide, my higher-self, dictated to me during meditations and gradually I began to work with them, to discover a whole wisdom that the mind could not understand where it came from and tell some friends what I was going.

I felt some wouldn’t listen to what I was telling them, and others tried to learn more from what my guide told me, taking the ideas of form too literal for my taste. That made me uncomfortable, making me feel I was position of “power” that I hadn’t earned.

Then my guide began to emphasize that the process was personal and mine, it was not to share, (at least not at the time) and spent nearly two years in that self-school until one day it seemed like the energy ” Jakob “retired.

They were strange days until I asked Pepper: “What might be happening? And her answer opened my head, mind and soul to realize how the energy was not retiring, but was growing and going much deeper.

So it was in a meeting with some friends that “The Source” came forward and said that it did not matter the name we gave him because at the spiritual level tags do not exist and in the whole, where they are, all are one. The closest thing that has resonated me as name is “Brahman “, the term used for the potential of all there is, by the Hindus.

Since then I’ve opened up to more people and I decided to put this gift, this connection to the service of those who need it so you can have that contact and that vision, or at least a part of what I can feel to help give them new angles and perspectives of the problems of their lives just as they showed me; and also to share what I’ve learned from the sessions so that more people can know themselves and also find their way and their purpose.

About the Author

Pablo Morano Büchner es maestro canalizador, Awakening Coach y guía espiritual. Desde hace 15 años estudia metafísica y técnicas de crecimiento personal y espiritual. Periodista de profesión, ha desarrollado su trabajo con el objetivo de promover el despertar de consciencia y el autodesarrollo. Le gusta hacerse las preguntas difíciles y comer galletas. Lo puedes contactar en Su primer libro Conversaciones Espirituales ya está disponible.

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