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Channeling Sessions English

Spiritual Channeling with Brahman
You are a spiritual being living a human experience

You live in a world that is filled with stimuli that never stop, where the daily life problems overwhelm you and it is hard to find spaces that allow you to be more than do, but there are ways to break out from that vicious circle and go further, and that is what you are looking for.

You are a free spirit in search and exploration of what you really are; you have the willingness to live in harmony with all the world, and all that is part of what makes you human and capable of sharing your truth to change your reality. It is only natural that you strive for a better future. All of this is part of a spiritual awakening to what you have been accessing for quite a long time, but you still feel something is missing and are not sure what are your next steps.

A Spiritual channeling Session with Brahman will help you visualize better your road no matter in what step of your process you are living, and you will receive perspective, support and guidance about your challenges and your life.

During the session we will get in touch through the art and science of channeling with the energy and wisdom of Brahman (A being that is in touch and has a deep connection with the potential of all that is, and from there gives us her teachings) for her to give you guidance and support in your path.

Tipically a session with Brahman has two parts.

The first is a guided meditation to start the connection process and open up your fields of possibilities. That allows you to get in better touch with your guides and masters for them to help you through the process.

The second is the moment of channeling, where you will be able to talk to Brahman and ask her questions as well as talk with her. Through channeling Brahman usually gives you different perspectives about your life, your challenges and issues, as well as show the way of healing so you can feel empowered and take better decisions about your life.

I specially recommend sessions for people that are living process of change, awakening. spiritual growth and are in search of his/her deepest truth.

Thank you for being here and being the way you are,

Pablo Morano Büchner

Pablo is able to give sessions in English through Skype. If you want to book a session please send an email to
Session cost: 200.00

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