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Published on Diciembre 17th, 2013 | by Pablo Morano


Channeling Classes FAQ

Can you list some of the benefits I can look forward to in learning how to channel?
Some of the benefits of Channeling include but are not limited to:
– A sense or knowing of the higher purpose in a moment or a situation.
– A deeper understanding and perspective about the divine timing of all things.
– A lessening of struggle, emotional distress and feelings of limitation.
– An experience of partnership in all things; awareness that you are not alone.
– Channeling will help you stay “in the flow” more often. You will rarely fall far from the balanced perspective it offers.

Do you have some specific advice for channeling novices?
– Adopt an open state of receptivity to higher dimensional vibrations and wisdom
– Allow and welcome healing and/or angelic presences into your environments.
– Share your fears, doubts and hesitations without becoming them.
– Participate in activities that develop and raise consciousness whenever possible.
– Be willing to have moments of purification, release, healing and surrender.
– Have faith and trust in the clear, consistent and helpful voice within you.
– Be gentle with the less helpful voices; they will quiet.
– Set aside mundane concerns and newer perspectives will develop.
– Notice which challenges are truly enduring and which are transitory in nature.
– Make room for the next moment or experience rather than clinging to last.
– Be willing and open to create or receive finer and fuller energies and experiences.

What is the most important thing I should know about learning to channel?
The most important thing to remember is that trust, intent and desire are always rewarded with expanded awareness and some form of communication with spirit.

What should I know about communicating with an angel, guide, or other teacher?
Communication is always a two-way street. Communication should be broad, balanced and unbiased rather than narrow or restrictive. Most spiritual guides have already mastered the lessons offered upon the third dimension. They will work with you of their own free will and with unconditional love.

How do I know that I can trust my guide and/or the information I receive?
Most energies, entities and guides prefer or require that a foundation of trust exist prior to sharing deeper truths or life-altering information. Before you can trust another, you must first trust yourself, the process, and finally the response or wisdom you receive. Trust must be genuine rather than based upon a false premise of authority invested in anything or anyone outside of you.

What is the barrier or resistance I encounter when I try to channel?
It is the place of authority within your being that is able to receive Spirit. It is more of a threshold than a barrier and is important that it work with you rather than against you.

What can I do to move beyond this threshold or barrier?
Remember that power, authority and will always rest with you. Decide that you will only attract and work with entities and teachers who support this premise. Free will, once surrendered, can be very difficult to recover. A high-level spiritual guide or teacher will never want this or allow it. Always see and know yourself as an equal within your spiritual community, which includes all physical and nonphysical relationships. We tend not to fear what we feel equal to, whether it is a task, a challenge or the channeling process.

Is there anything I can do to accelerate learning how to channel?
Spiritual support in the form of entities, beings, guides and teachers is around you all of the time. The degree to which you feel and receive this support is linked to your desire to do so. An ardent desire can greatly accelerate the process. Acknowledge yourself as a creative equal in the desired result. Be clear in your purpose.

Can you describe the Higher-Self?
Your higher-self is your inner guidance. It is a threshold of awareness that both seeks and protects. Your best interest and well-being are its priority and your purpose in this life guides it. Your higher-self is wise, experienced and unrestricted. Your higher-self is a constant and devoted teacher.

Can you describe the I AM presence?
The I AM presence is the self (you) that exists within the Infinite Self. Your I AM presence is a direct link to Creator/All That Is at all times. The I AM presence is the individualized expression of All That Is that dwells within you. Your I AM records every moment and experience so that you can use it as a resource. The I AM exists at all times and in all ways; doing so does not depend upon a specific lifetime or an individual physical body. The I AM is eternal and enduring, it is whole and holy. The personality, by comparison, often experiences itself as a fragment of Self. At the soul level, the I AM presence directs your life purpose.

Are the subtle variations I experience in my body normal when channeling?
Your personality and spiritual traits are reflections of you. Since the mind cannot always be quieted enough to experience Spirit directly, it sometimes speaks indirectly through the physical body. Physical sensations of interaction with Spirit include but are not limited to a tightening or stretching within the forehead, erratic or accelerated heart beat and pulse, throbbing throat, queasy stomach, quickened breath and anxiety.

Can I channel friends or family members who are still alive?
Humans are a bit like television sets that are preprogrammed to specific channels. Anything that is programmed also contains errors, faults, and static. For this reason it will be easier for you to channel energies, entities and guides. A spiritual guide understands that your conscious awareness is not always clear; it is aware of your filters and fears as well as how to navigate or bypass them. When accessing or channeling another individual it is appropriate to first ask for permission. This will establish a flow between you and the individual, without this your results may be less than hoped for. An awareness of another’s thoughts is a form of telepathy. It is similar to the channeling process but it involves the use and support of a different kind of energy.

Can you list any potential pitfalls in learning to channel?
The early stages of learning to channel often involve an acute desire, concern and obligation to channel something unique, eloquent and profound in order to validate the process itself. Voting on the relative merit of what is received diminishes rather than enhances its value. Channeling does not guarantee fulfillment and success in this life or any other.

Can I have more than one guide or teacher?
Yes, but it is likely that you attain a deeper relationship with one guide over another. This is natural and to be expected. If and when this occurs your other guides will not take it personally, it is likely that they knew it before you even thought about it.

What characteristics should I look for in a guide or teacher?
A high-level guide or teacher will have your spiritual growth and overall well-being as their main purpose. They will encourage and assist you in finding solutions to your challenges. They will never criticize you, but they will also not flatter your ego. They will point out options, possibilities and alternatives; they will congratulate your process and help you to be the best that you can be.

How can I attract a high-level guide or spirit teacher?
They are attracted to those who are striving to create harmony and balance in their lives and the lives of those who share the environment and the world around them. Guides and teachers are here to assist everyone, not just those who have already found their life’s purpose or work. They are concerned with the spiritual growth of every person and every human endeavor.

Will my guide or teacher warn me in case of danger or in an emergency?
It depends upon the nature of the situation and the purpose it serves in your life. A guide or teacher will never interfere with your free will, choice or personal freedoms. They will not stop you should you choose to learn through struggle, pain or difficulty.

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