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Published on Diciembre 17th, 2013 | by Pablo Morano


Channeling Class – Modern Techniques in Channeling

This is the only authorized class by Pepper Lewis to continue her “How to Channel” Program

It doesn’t matter the kind of experiences you had before, this class can take you further and live new and inspired moments of connection.

To learn how to channel is to learn to listen the revelations that the spirit gives us in each moment in a personal and direct way, without any intermediaries.

To learn how to channel is to start a path of self-discovery beyond what we know we are in our temporal psyche that is bound to this body and time, and anyone can do it.

Does who adventure themselves to use this technique for their own work as therapist not only a new and profund tool to enrich their own wisdom, but also a unique guide in their spiritual path.

Intuition, Telepathy, and Channeling are the most natural, direct paths to accomplishing almost everything we can imagine, from changing ourselves to changing our world. Channeling is the fastest and easiest way to receive this knowledge directly — from the deepest and most trusted sources.

This therapeutic class is one part science, one part art, and one part mystery. It is a laboratory, a think tank, and a supply store filled with practical wisdom that you can apply now — anywhere and anytime. New times require new ideas and new ways to implement them. This is a perfect time to revive, regenerate and reinvent yourself and your life.

Learning how to channel and receive direct guidance from Spirit/Source will restore your natural optimism and inquisitiveness. When was the last time you anticipated and looked forward to what tomorrow might bring?

Immediate benefits of learning how to channel include:

  • How to be seen and heard favorably in a world you create.
  • How to implement positive and creative changes before they fade away.
  • How to overcome real and imagined burdens before they accumulate.
  • How to allow instinct, intuition and intention to take over.
  • How to live genuinely and authentically.
  • How to live in the present moment with vision and purpose for the future
  • How to avoid becoming overwhelmed by dramas and details.
  • How to make choices without making sacrifices.
  • How to remake patterns, release habits, overcome fears and begin new projects.

Everyone can learn to channel as well as deepen abilities they already have. An advanced/professional workshop is also available after completion of this one.

People who usually take this class are:

  • Starting to awaken a way to see and go beyond the senses
  • Looking for ways to connect with their intuition and purpose
  • Open to work with a guide in a more conscious way
  • Work with different therapeutic tools, with people and would like to include more wisdom and connection to their repertoire.
  • Having experiences beyond the senses and would like to learn how to control them or have them again.

This is the only class authorized by Pepper Lewis to continue her “How to Channel” Program

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Pablo Morano Büchner es maestro canalizador, Awakening Coach y guía espiritual. Desde hace 15 años estudia metafísica y técnicas de crecimiento personal y espiritual. Periodista de profesión, ha desarrollado su trabajo con el objetivo de promover el despertar de consciencia y el autodesarrollo. Le gusta hacerse las preguntas difíciles y comer galletas. Lo puedes contactar en Su primer libro Conversaciones Espirituales ya está disponible.

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